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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Larry White is In-A-Fect!

One of my big fascinations is Artists that go on and on living their dreams and sharing with everyone. Larry White spent many years with Artists like the Whispers and Bobby Brown before forming his own band, In-A-Fect. This high energy band keeps the party moving in Las Vegas and anywhere else they can spread the party! Meet Larry White and In-A-Fect.

Hi Larry.  How are you today? 

I'm Good. 

Let’s start with where you were born and what the musical climate was there? 

I was born and raised in San Francisco CA.  The Bay Area is a very musical place and I was lucky to have been raised there.  Growing up in the 70’s in the Bay Area was definitely something any musician from that time would remember. 

Was music a part of your family life? 

Yes it was a part of my family life.  My father and grandfather are both guitar players and my mom and her sisters have a never ending love of music.  I remember my aunt Josie would come up on the weekends from L.A. with the latest 45’s and they would play those records all weekend long.  My aunt would also give a dollar to dance like James Brown
Were you inspired by any Artists when you were young?

 I was inspired by James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, EWF, Motown, Jackson 5, Temptations, Smokey Robinson.   
Larry Did you sing as a child? What instruments did you play?
I only sang a little.  I first started out playing the drums but living in San Francisco the houses are very close there.  Our next door neighbor became ill and she asked my mom if I could stop playing the drums.  My parents felt bad for me so my dad went out and bought me my first guitar.  I started playing along to records at the age of nine in my garage.  The guitar has been my first love ever since and bass is my second main instrument. 

What were you like as a young boy? 

I was respectful, but a lot of fun and a high energy child.  My parents made it clear that I had to do all my homework and chores before I could play my music so that always kept me in line because I never wanted anything to get in the way of my music.

Do you have one memory about your childhood that stands out Artistically?   

Yes, when Elizabeth Montgomery from Bewitched gave me $100 for playing a Jimi Hendrix  guitar solo.  I still have the napkin that she autographed for me to this day.  Some people may remember that she was also a guitar player and sometimes played on her own show, as her own sister I think. 
LOL I do remember that!

You were very young when you started your first group. What was the name of the group?
Larry and the High Tones, I put that group together in 5th grade.

Was that the opening for your career?   

When I auditioned for The Whispers and beat out 30 other guitar players.  I was working on a beer truck for Olympia Beer.  I kept telling my driving partner that I would not be there for long because I’m getting ready to join the Whispers, he just told me that in the meantime I just needed to get the beer delivered!  

Did you know or feel then that your career would be as you wanted it?   

Yes, and I never stopped believing in myself or music.  Music just always sounded so good in my ears, it wasn’t hard to believe in.  It consumes most of my thoughts all day long and probably always will.  My drive to keep being successful in music is never ending. 
All Artists understand that!

Larry do you write your own Songs? 

Yes, I write all of my own songs.  I probably write a song a day or at least have a new harmony in my head for a song if I can’t get in my studio on any given day.

What are some of the other musical things you’ve done?  

 I write and produce.  I also enjoy helping  kids who have the same drive I had when I was young.  I have been fortunate enough to work with some really talented youth here in Las Vegas.  I was also on the Solar Record label for many years.

What other groups have you been a part of? 

I was with a group called Grand Theft out of San Francisco, Collage, The Whispers and Bobby Brown.
Did those experiences form the Larry White of today?   

I learned something from each experience that I keep with me today, especially from my time with The Whispers.  Each time I find myself in a challenging situation I often ask myself how the Whispers would handle it, or I actually pick up the phone and call them for advice.  They are a good group of extremely professional guys.   
It's great that you still have that connection for Inspiration Larry.

You now have a group, ‘In-A-Fect’. Tell us a little about your group? Who are the other members?
Larry White, Mark Brown, Clarence Harris, Charles Bush, H.B. Woods

 We are a high energy cool school show band.  We play Motown, R&B, pop and smooth ballads.  We never have a song list when we do a show, if you want to be a part of my band you have to have a large song catalog committed to memory because we play based on how the crowd is reacting and what they want to hear on that particular night. 
Now that sounds like a Musical rush!

What is your favorite song? 

After the Love is Gone by Earth, Wind & Fire  

You’re traveling and performing practically non-stop.  Are you a workaholic having fun?

If you’re having fun and love your career, is it really work?  I’ve been told I am both a workaholic and a perfectionist, I could be called worse.

So, what makes you laugh?

I like a dry sense of humor, I like someone who can dish it out but can also take it.  I’m not a prankster my nature, but if you pull one over on me be sure I’ll be getting you back one way or another.  

As we know, talented and creative people have many Artistic outlets, do you have others? What Are they? 

I enjoy spending time with my wife and we also have a one year old golden retriever  (need I say more) but as far as an outlet, music gets 100% of my artistic outlet.

Where can we find out more about you and your group?

We have a great website at, we are also on facebook.  We update both sites continually so anyone can always see where we are at and what we are up to.

What inspirational words would you offer to Artists out there working on that Dream?   

Believe in yourself and don’t let anyone or anything get in the way.  Love what you’re doing and do what you love.  

Larry, I can’t wait until I come to Vegas and catch your show. Thank you so much for sharing?

It’s been a pleasure, thank you.


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