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Monday, May 31, 2010

CONTEST #1 - Inspire Us!

Appreciation Contest :-)
Here are the rules for the contest...plain and simple :-)

Comment on the Post about the contest with Inspirational Words...your own words only. No quotes from other authors. Your inspiration should be directed at Living, Life, or Love. No profanity, nothing negative.

Contest open to people following on the 'Living In Color with Steph Jordan' FB FanPage or the 'Living In Color with Steph Jordan' Blog. Links on the Side Bar for Following. All entries will be added to a hat and a random winner will be drawn. There may or may not be a second prize. The winning name will be pulled on video so you can see the draw!

The prize package includes a 12 x 12 Scrapbook, several sheets of designer paper (including beautiful alphabet punch outs) , a hole punch, a small dragon fly punch, 3 rubber stamps, 2 packs (4 ea) of assorted blank greeting cards with envelopes. 10 Pages of Stencils. Others goodies may be added.
Contest ends 6/15. Be sure to leave your comments as this announcement may be updated but will not be re-posted.

Life is good! Free stuff makes it fun LOL~

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Teacher is in! Steven L. Riddick

Meet Poet, Author, Teacher, Fitness Guru, Entrepreneur, Steven L. Riddick. This man stays busy 24/7 and apparently is always working the creative edge. Dedicated to consistent education Steven shares his energetic spirit with us. Check out Steven.

Hi Steven. Thank you so much for chatting with us. Let's start with your childhood. As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

You know, when I was younger I had a plethora of career aspirations as most youth. During the Michael Jackson era, I wanted to be a singer, when I got in middle school; I wanted to be President of the United States. Sadly, the guidance counselor I had at that time assured me that would not be attainable for someone like me. You can read between the lines on that one lol! I went through a lot of different emotions on what to be. Right after undergrad, I decided I would be a politician. I worked on Capitol Hill in Congressman Robert C. “Bobby” Scott’s office as an intern and loved it. Politics is a contact sport so I decided against it after a while.

Did you read and write a lot as a youngster? Did you keep a Journal (diary)?

You know it’s funny that you ask. I remember I started keeping a log back in elementary school. I’d say around maybe the fourth or fifth grade. Even then I was girl crazy. I used to write passionate letters to some of the pretty girls in my class even then! Once my mom picked up my journal and it had an entry regarding an exchange that I had with a young lady in the neighborhood. She was not too happy to say the least but from there is where it started….I also had a teacher in Upward Bound named Mr. Pesapane who would have us do journals and he’d read and respond to our entries. I love the idea of journal logging!

Can you describe the feeling of getting words from heart and head to paper?

WOW! That is a great question… the heart is filled with a variety of emotions. It’s like channeling from the depths of your soul how you want to express your thoughts. Rage, sensuality, romance, frustrations are all emotions that we all feel at some point. Some are just better than others at expressing them in the written form. I think I was blessed with the ability to articulate my thoughts on paper for a reason. It’s almost like being possessed in some degree. Sometimes I can’t sleep because something heavy is in my heart. When I start writing, I can’t stop. It’s like crying in some respects. When you are either happy or sad, you tend to cry until you have relieved all the emotion that created the need to cry. I love writing from my heart.

Where you inspired by any famous or non famous writers? If so, who and why?

I’d say when I was in a course called Success Stories back in high school; it had to be Dr. Maya Angelou. We had been reading “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” and I fell in love with her voice and her eloquence in writing. I also enjoyed song writers as well. Babyface, Big Daddy Kane (I still can recite Smooth Operator word for word!), The Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Keith Sweat and most important my momma. She is excellent at written expression as well. I loved the way Babyface could write a love song and make it sound so wonderful. My favorite song of his is Whip Appeal. It is like you can so feel or identify that one woman who had that magical effect on you. His words were real. Big Daddy Kane was someone I looked up to as a teenager. He was smooth, the ladies LOVED him and his rhymes were wicked. Biggie and Pac told stories. With Biggie, you could just see exactly what he was talking about. I try my best to use solid imagery for my readers to follow along. Pac was just in your face and I respect that.

Are you a published writer? If so, where?

Currently I am not published but I will be very soon! My first book will be titled “Read My Soul”. I owe a dear friend of my Ms. Kimberly Simmons for that title. I just started putting together a compilation of poems around the end of October of 2009. My friend Celena Thomas told me to wait until after the Mercury Retrograde before I started writing lol….she is a character who keeps me laughing. The first book will be published through LuLu. I wasn’t sure where to go for publishing but Mrs. Latabia Woodward pointed me in the direction of LuLu after reading a few of my poems posted on Facebook. I promise you an autographed copy of my first book too. I plan to do an anthology and a novel.

Well thank you! I’ll look forward to that! --Steven I have read your poetry. It’s very intense and honestly the longest poems I’ve ever read. :-) Where does it come from? 

LOL!! Thank you very much Stephanie! I am a very intense person. I am intense in EVERY aspect of my life. Some people are not privileged to see certain sides of me. Certain movies, I am left in tears either out of inspiration or sadness. My emotions are deep and I am not afraid to display my sensitivity around the “right” person. I absolutely LOVE black women!!!! When I say I love yall… I LOVE YALL! I have awesome relationships with black women. From the close friends, mentors, past relationships etc I just enjoy reflecting on a variety of ways how I feel about you all. I am also one of those men who love very hard. When I write romance poems, I am opening up my heart. I am displaying that there are some of us men who can let go and really love a woman intimately and passionately. I still believe in that mushy making folks sick to their stomach kind of love.

The poem “The Black Woman” is a poem that I wanted every black woman to feel my conviction, passion, love and devotion to her as a black man. This isn’t to say I dislike women of other ethnic backgrounds because that is so far from the truth. I just adore women who are in the semblance of my grandmother Vera and mother Oralene.

I find that a variety of things motivate me. Pain is something that we all have and continue to experience. I remember once I had a break up that hurt me to the core of my soul. I honestly was in so much pain; I didn’t get off the couch for a week. My friend Eugene pulled me out of that funk by igniting my competitive spirit on Playstation. I channel the pain from then and now for a few other poems. I hope that my poems would help someone else see through their pain and heartache. I also write angry poems. Being a gentle spirited person, some people tend to try to take advantage of you. All I will say is, never ever upset a poet. Yes, I do have some written too.

Can you share a paragraph or two with us?

The poem “The Black Woman” to me would do you all in injustice to cut it short. If I may, I’d like to give you the entire poem for your readers to enjoy.

Beauty, strength, radiance, sensuality, intelligence, grace and timeless elegance
Are some of the many qualities the black woman possess that has given her multi-dimensional reverence
Virtuosity, spirituality, loyalty and devotion are ingredients that give her a sensational and unmistakable preference
Her beautiful and delicate body is nothing short of a remarkable art; it is a work of excellent and majestic design
Her timeless exquisiteness is so eloquently infused; not even elderly age could cause her aesthetical appeal to decline
The black woman to me is the center of the universe; powerful and delightful just as the morning sunshine
From head to toe she is pristine and enchanting; coupled with an angelic countenance that features her enticingly full lips
Her figure is salaciously alluring, historically mystical with her distinct and generational feature being her astounding round hips
Her eyes can be piercing, profound, and inviting with peaceful serenity; yet there is something exhilarating to watch her as she kips.
The mother of Earth, the sister of the stars; my love for the black woman has become increasingly stronger over the years
Whenever there is trouble or time of immediate despair; she is always available in some form to provide comfort from our fears
If I had the highest and mightiest form of prestidigitation; I would work feverishly to ease and suppress each of black women’s tears.
Intimacy with a black woman reflects sentiments of cosmic enchantment; compared to the stars, the moon and the heavens above
The best and most precious gift in life a man could receive; is all or any of her strong, amazing unconditional love
Her touch is golden, her embrace is effervescent her spirit is warm and gentle equivalent to that of a dove
Of all of the riches and prize possessions I could own; the black woman stands alone as a most valuable and priceless treasure
Throughout my journey in life and my trials and tribulations; having her by my side is a glorious and continuous pleasure
While the world at times taunts you and doesn’t give you proper accolades; no other woman in my mind to you in this life will ever measure.

You have so much going on. Talk to me about some of the different creative things you do?

Yeah I guess you could say I have a lot going on (smile) I totally enjoy being busy too. I am working on a new poem called “Don’t Go”. En Vogue was a group I had a crush on since 6th grade so I am using their tune “Don’t Go” as the background of my poem. I use a program to cut and paste certain parts so the looping in the background only consists of the ladies singing the chorus. I am also Area Director of Lango Kids for Charles County, Maryland. This is a business venture that I enjoy because first, it provides an education component that not every student is afforded and second, it is an energetic and entertaining curriculum.
We offer Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and French to pre-school to grade five students afterschool. Being a parent takes creativity on the highest degree too!! My five year old Kamari thinks quick on her feet so therefore I have to one up her on every level to stay ahead of her precociousness. Also my Blog Talk Radio program “The Romantic Interlude Show” is another one of my creative activities. I host that show along with my lovely and awesome co-host, La’Kesha Johnson known as “Poison Ivy”. I totally have a lot of fun preparing and doing that show too!

How do you keep it all going?

That is a great question Stephanie. I will be the first to admit I am so imperfect. I can’t seem to say no. Some one may ask me to do something or participate and I will gladly accept. But I think I maintain by taking some time to do nothing. Some days or weekends, all I do is sit in the house and just relax. Some would say I am always on the go lol…….but I do take some time to smell the roses. That is the only way I’d be able to keep anything going.

I’ve seen you referred to as a Master Educator. What does that mean?

Another great question! A Master Educator is basically a teacher or academic professional who increases his or her knowledge in the principles and practices of the field of education. We do this to understand how best to articulate whatever concepts we are charged with disseminating to our students. There are a variety of concepts on how best to educate, through the M.Ed. program, you basically learn which ones have been most effective and least. We also learn the best methods for teaching and designing Pedagogy (K-12) and Andragogy (Adult) centered curriculums.

You have also taught school. What level did you teach?

I taught 5th grade and I also taught rising 3rd graders during summer school. That was tough with the rising third graders because a lot more patience was required. I also taught at a proprietary school also. That was an experience. They couldn’t understand why I cared so much about how they learned. They were not use to instructors caring I was told.

Was writing a part of your curriculum? If so, what wisdom did you pass on in regards to writing?

I did take a course in writing curriculum. It was interesting. My philosophy is “concept based” curriculum design. I find that to be far more engaging of the student’s learning. Two jobs that concepts have are to focus the study of topics and integrate the curriculum. If I am teaching my students about how the three branches of government work, I can give my students a particular hotbed subject appropriate for their age. They can divide into the US House of Representatives and also the US Senate. Now among them, they can organize two parties based on their ideologies. (Believe me, kids are very smart and can manage such a feat with ease). I can have a student serve as the President and a few as the Supreme Court. Once I explain the procedures, they can clearly understand the basics just from being heavily integrated into the concept. Hope that makes sense…there are some technical procedures missing but I want to keep it from boring your readers (smile).

You’re also into physical fitness?

YES !! I did some modeling shoots and had to really be on my game to do those. I first started in 10 grade with fitness. I was always a skinny guy but I was pretty much in good shape. A friend Qwaku had me and my boy Kelsey doing 200 sit-ups a night training in Tae Kwon Do. I never fell out of love with fitness. Now my diet fluctuates but I love to work out. I have a pull up bar at home and I also have dumb bells and a weight bench. I remember some of my friends saw my fitness shots, they would always say “I didn’t know you looked like that!” I keep it covered well I’d always reply lol…..But fitness is fun for me. Even though I have my lazy days, I enjoy very much working out and helping others too !

Do you have any advice on a starting point for people who want to catch up on healthy fitness?

I am a Team Beach Body Coach also so that is certainly right up my avenue. They can visit my Beach Body site at or email me at regarding some of the programs. I think the first thing is to start getting the distractions out of your way. Don’t say it CAN’T be done. Anything is possible with hard work. Some things may take more work based on genetics. Develop a strong support system in achieving your goals. If you have negative folks around you, they don’t need to be there. Start off slowly and progress from there. Rome wasn’t built in a day, our bodies are no different.

It appears that your desire is to do and teach things that positively affect other lives. That’s beautiful. What inspiration would you like to share with up and coming writers, young and old?

Thank you Stephanie! I usually ask people when I get to know them on a personal level, “What are your passions?” That gets a lot of thoughts flowing from every individual. Use your passions as motivation for your writing. Whenever you have passion, everyone can feel it, taste it, see it. I want my readers to not only feel it, but I want them to be able to smell, taste and see it as well. I would say shoot for what passionately ignites their fires. That will certainly be a catalyst for great outcomes.

Thank you so much Steven. You are an inspiration and absolutely motivating. Pssst… I’ll be looking forward to that signed book!
Please look for more of Steven’s poetry or follow him on Facebook

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mark Montano - Doing It Big

A while back I did a Big Ass Interview with Mark Montano :-)
Well ever the busy man Mark is still on a roll. If you've seen the Yudu Promos, The Big Ass Books, or the different shows Mark is a part of you know the energy is ever flowing.

Subscribe to Mark's new Blog
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And also be sure to get your copy of his book
Big Ass Book of Home Decor

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See my Interview with Mark here! MY BIG ASS INTERVIEW

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Spacepaintings by Brandon McConnell

Check this beautiful artwork by Brandon McConnell of San Diego, CA. Brandon got his start by watching someone do it in Mexico for a half an hour and off he went!

Brandon says he is motivated by the challenge of creating something beautiful in a short amount of time and he loves the colors, textures and endless tricks and techniques.

"My Favorite part is making money but that's just because we need money to survive, besides that I enjoy making people happy with my art and just expressing my creativity."

Brandon has sold paintings all over the world. In 2008 he was flown to Tokyo, Japan To appear on a variety TV show called "The Popular Law Firm" to perform his "1 Minute painting" and a few other examples of my art. Recently Brandon was hired to do a spray paint art performance in Florida at a company picnic for the Kennedy Space Center. It was a huge success, selling over 50 paintings in 6 hours.

Brandon says "Spray paint art has opened up a whole new world for me and allows me to express my feelings and imagination. I am constantly learning new things and plan to continue to spray paint for as long as I can."

Brandon's art is available on Ebay and on his website You can see more of Brandon's art on Youtube.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Lady Has Soul! Kita Simone

Introducing Kita Simone. Singer, Songwriter, Businesswoman. With her beautiful voice, strong sense of family and dedication, and ambitious work this energetic Entertainer is on a roll and making things happen as she goes!

What is life with Kita like?

Life with me is spontaneous. You don't ever know if it's going to be a play hard or work hard day or if it's going to be a mix of the two. Plus, I have these whims where I want to be outrageous.I'm a bad girl with a good heart, so being a little outrageous is expected. lol

Where are you from?

I'm from Jeffersonville, Indiana. It's a small city right next to Louisville, Kentucky. To keep it simple I usually say I'm from Louisville.

Was music a part of your childhood?

To give you the short answer... I was five years old, I told my mom I wanted to sing and she put me in the church's youth choir. I've been singing ever since.

Was it your dream to be a music Artist when you were young?

Actually, it was my only dream. When I was young, I loved attention. Okay let me stop playing, I still do. Singing and performing allowed me to be myself. It all started because of a TV show I saw when I was five. I'll save that story for another time. :-)

What were you like as a child?

As a child, I was shy and nervous around people. I seemed to always be in trouble. I was artistic. I loved crafts, music, dancing, and writing. Anything I could do to use my imagination I was on it.

What types of music/artists have influenced you?

I would have to say you name it, it probably influenced me. I was a church kid, so gospel is on the top of the list. Yet, I listened to everything from Pat Benatar to the Beatles, to Stevie Wonder and Lena Horne, to Whitney and Mariah, to Michael and Janet Jackson, to Usher and Beyonce, to The Fray and Carrie Underwood and the list could go on for probably years. So if you put it in the CD player, I might not like it but would definitely give it a listen.

What Genre of music interests you most?

I call it Jazz-Hop.You're thinking, what is that? It's blend of all types of music but mainly Jazz, R&B, Pop and Hip-Hop. Fun music from a fun person.

What do you see/plan for your future in entertainment?

I really don't know what the Lord has for me. However I see myself everywhere from TV to movies to making more music. Maybe even the business side of things but regardless I still want to be making good music. 

Have you performed anywhere?

Not recently. After the album is finished, performing and touring will be next on the agenda. Maybe even a few parties.

Are there any CDs in the works?

Yes. I'm currently working on my debut CD. It's still untitled as of now but look out for it this summer.

What other colorful things do you like to do?

I like to write, read, play and watch sports, shopping of course. I love being with my family and friends. I like making, planning, and designing things. I also just love making people smile or laugh.

Where can the readers learn or hear more from you?

They can check out my website at and join my mailing list. I will keep them up-to date on what's going on. Plus, they can follow me on Twitter or Facebook me. Those links are on my site as well.

Are there any words you would like to share?

Of course. LOL. Life is what you make it. No matter what you've been through or what you've done, you can change your life as long as you're living and breathing. Don't let anyone stop you from your dreams, goals, or anything that will affect you positively. So I leave you for now, with my favorite quote...
“Be yourself. Know yourself. Love yourself.

Thank you Kita! We wish you beauty, color and success on your Journey!  And make sure to share your new CD with us as soon as it's out!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

1,000 Subscriber Song - Kyle!

Kyle doing it Funky Style! Love it! Thanks for the mention Kyle.
Check this out peeps. Lots of fun! Booty shaking allowed! LOL

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Love of Knit and Crochet The Man and The Woman

Update! Remember Renaissance Austin. Check out this beautiful
video and then revisit her interview here on the blog

Friday, May 14, 2010

Paintings by Tolis Katsiropulos

Introducing the Beautiful and Mesmerizing Artwork of Tolis Katsiropulos.

Find more wonderful artwork by Tolis on his Youtube Channel

Εισαγωγή του όμορφου και να γοητεύσει έργου τέχνης Tolis Katsiropulos.
Βρείτε περισσότερο θαυμάσιο έργο τέχνης από Tolis στο κανάλι Youtube του

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Mother by Stinga Singa IQ

Introducing Kingston, Jamaica born Christopher IQ Moore, also known as Stinga Singa IQ
Christopher's songs are soulful and all have messages routed in reality. He is currently working on his debut Album.

To support Christopher and hear more of his music please check out

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Lady is a 10! Michelle Ten!

Fabulous, Fashionista, Motivated, On the Go…Michelle Ten. This beauty is all over the map. Putting her Style Stamp and Fashionable spin everywhere on her Journey. And if you haven’t seen her and her style yet…just wait you will.

Michelle how are you?

Fantabulous and uber-stressed at the same time. Lol.

Where did you grow up?

Long Island. Lived in Coram & Hicksville. Spent a lot of my spare time in the South Bronx, where my family owned their businesses. 

Were you always into Fashion?  

I didn’t like wearing pants as a little girl, I thought pants were for boys. My mom bought me corduroy overalls in turquoise & camel and I cried!!! I used to have custom dresses made and I would show the seamstress pamphlets on Oscar De La Renta dresses for Barbie as a reference. I also cut out my favorite dresses out of magazines and pasted them into photo albums, making my own magazines. I was an Eva Joia Gitano fanatic and wanted a Gucci bag when I was seven.

Yes, to answer your question.

What lessons did you learn as a child that carried into your career?

That one could be anything they wanted, they just had to work hard for it. I knew that my career had to do with something that made me happy, being that I would spend most of my days doing it.

You’ve been in the Fashion business for a few years? How did you get started? 

I dabbled in a few different fashion arenas, including merchandising, advertising and marketing until I landed a job at a magazine in the fashion department. 

You also worked for Source Magazine. What did you do there?

I started out as a Fashion Assistant in the editorial department. Became Fashion Editor a few years after.

Are you an independent Stylist now?

Yes. I have my company, Missfit Styles Inc., which offers various fashion related services such as styling, personal shopping, and image consulting

What do you like most about being a Stylist?

Styling is my way of making garments into art.

Is everyday a fashionable event for you? I mean like do you wake up and think Style, Color, Action?

I do. Even if I’m dressed super casual, there was a thought process behind it.

You are Stylist for many people. Who are a few of the people you style or have styled for?

Mostly men: TI, Kid Cudi, DaddyYankee… I work more with female models for editorial.

What are your favorite style trends?

Crazy bags, high heels, over sized sunglasses. Extra large earrings

Michelle, what do you consider fashion no no’s?

Exposed bra straps, panty lines, muffin tops (when bottoms create bulge because they’re ill fitting)

You also do personal shopping?  That sounds like fun. When you personal shop how do you determine what to get for each client?

Every client is their own individual. I don’t intend to make anyone look like anyone else or anyone they are not. I give people looks that are more of an “evolved sense of self”. Jackie is still Jackie, but improved. 

What are some of the notable differences in dealing with male and female clients when it comes to fashion?

Women require more accessories and have more “aids” at their disposal. Women need bags, jewelry, hosiery etc. as well as bras, g-strings and the occasional spanx.

Most Artists (and True Fashion is an Art) have other Artistic Outlets, what are some of yours?

I love art. I admire it in different forms. I love knowing creative and talented individuals. Love having custom artwork made. Makes me feel special. 

What advice would you give to people who are trying to create a style of their own?

Don’t let any public outlet dictate who you are. Be expressive & embrace your individuality. If you can’t find what you want to wear, have it made. Make it yourself. Always stay ahead of the curve.

Thank you so much Michelle for sharing your fabulous style with us. Journey On!
Make sure you visit Michelle at Her website is full of fashion and color and an enjoyable trip! 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hats Off to Kim Poole

I'd like you to meet Kim Poole. My first interaction with Kim was over a year ago when she viewed one of my earlier videos on YouTube and without knowing me became a great source of info on lighting and how to use my webcam LOL. I've followed her every since and have always been inspired and amazed at the many colorful things she does. 
Artful, Charitable, Eclectic, Kim Poole!


How are you today Kim?
Fantastic, feeling good, well rested and energized!

What artful thing are you working on right now?
I have lots of irons in the fire. There is a project going on in every available corner of my house! At the moment, I am obsessed with what I call my "Yarn Art". I got the idea to create a hat for my friend who desperately needed one this past winter. I had a few skeins of yarn and a crochet needle but I don't understand crochet patterns, so I was left to my own invention. Surprised at the good outcome of the first hat, I kept making more. I love working with all the different colors of yarn and experimenting with this new kind of palette.  I've made so many hats now, that I've decided to put them up for sale on my Etsy site.  I am also going to give some of the hats to "Hats For The Homeless" this winter.  "Hats For The Homeless" is a charity I have created. It's in the very early stages but I foresee this becoming a huge charity event in the near future.

That’s Great Kim. You’ll have to keep us updated on that.

You have so much energy! What motivates you and what keeps you going?
(Laughs) I don't have as much energy as it may look like in my videos. I have my down times, like everyone else. I just usually don't film them. Making people happy through my artwork and hopefully advancing my career in art, as opposed to maintaining my status as a starving artist is what motivates me. What keeps me going? Coffee and chocolate. (Laughs)

You’re from Cincinnati? Were you born there?
Yes, I was born in Cincinnati. Although as a child, we traveled back and forth a lot. My mother was a free spirit and we were always traveling out west to California, Colorado and Utah. I truly believe all this traveling as a young child has made me more adaptable to new surroundings and situations. People are creatures of habit, for the most part and some find it difficult to move around a lot, yet I love to travel!

You have so much going on. Were you busy as a child?
Heck yeah man! I was always busy as a child. I was "that kid" in the neighborhood who organized backyard carnivals, theater, lemonade stands, and nature hikes. I would dig clay from the creek bed and take it home and make pots and bake them in my mother's oven. I got a typewriter for my 12th birthday and I wrote and distributed a neighborhood newspaper. (Laughs) Yep, I was a busy child. I suppose it was the technique I used to make new friends since we were always on the move.

What other Art forms do you indulge in?
I am an active photographer and videographer, my trusty camera is with me wherever I go. I am attracted to creating artistic clothing right now, to be sold at concerts this spring and summer. I love to mix business with pleasure. I also have two acrylic paintings I am working on at the moment, The Tango and the Cincinnati Skyline (the view from my window). I also love Recycling-Art and have been working on bottles as vases for Christmas gifts, & rehabbing old book ends I found at a local thrift store, using Gary Reef's plexi-glass technique. I am also making an artistic lamp, using a technique I learned from Heather Snow.  I used to be fervent in my work with Batik, and am reigniting that flame as well.  My passion also tends toward writing and my daughters and I are working on a children’s book for which we have big dreams.  We fantasize that one day Pixar will make it into a movie!  Wow, exciting dreams, eh?

What do you do for fun?
Do you mean outside of art? Because ART is my fun. (Laughs) I enjoy hanging out with my friends and family, having big dinner parties with lots of good food, wine. I'm lucky to have kids and friends who play musical instruments so it's a lot of fun to listen and sing along after dinner. I also enjoy being in nature, camping or hiking in the woods, on the beach or in the mountains. Nature is my church.  I love playing with my little fur baby, Miss Mollie, who has a genuine humorous personality and is such a joy and comfort to me.

Talk to us about the Traveling Painting.
I could go on forever about The Traveling Painting! It is one of my greatest passions. The Traveling Painting is a project I started in 2007. I sent a painting out on a journey around the world. The goal is every country in the world, every state in the United States. An artist from each country or state adds their magic on the painting and then sends it on to another country and/or artist. As of April 15, 2010 the painting has visited Florida, Michigan, The United Kingdom, Norway, South Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Ireland and Israel. At this very moment the painting is in transit, on its way to Germany. The goal is for the painting to see a new country/artist every two weeks. The project now has it's own channel on YouTube. Kyle (aka AcademyArtVenture) has been a big help in the creation of this channel. At the Genesis of the project, I was continually asked, "What are you going to do with the painting when it's finished?"  I would always answer "It's not the destination, it's the journey." I still believe that, however some exciting developments in the evolution of the project have been occurring. There is a book in the making and plans for future art exhibits and conventions. It's very exciting! A portion of the proceeds from the project's earnings will be given to Gary Reef's "Artists In Need" foundation, benefitting artists all around the world. Of course, these things will take time, but it is nice to know that this wonderful project will not just travel but will actually help artists in need in the future.

How has this experience rewarded you?
I think the greatest gift I have received from the project is purely having the opportunity to connect with and make new friends all around the world. An opportunity that I may not have had, were it not for the project. It's been an amazing journey so far and I have met so many wonderful human beings and fantastic artists, it's difficult to put the rewards into words. The rewards aren't tangible, they're feelings, lovely feelings.  I feel the project is our own personal contribution to World Peace. A simple way of communicating to our world leaders that people from every country in the world can and want to live in harmony.  Yesterday, The Traveling Painting left the hands of Josef Rault, an artist from Israel. Josef sent the painting on to Coboldt, an artist who lives in Germany.  From Israel to Germany, it gives me goose bumps and a warm fuzzy feeling inside. That is the reward of The Traveling Painting Project experience.

What is your favorite Art or Craft?
That is a tough question, I am like a little kid in a candy store when it comes to art! I want to try everything. I want to learn how to do every technique. I want to experience it all. What's my favorite? Every single thing to do with art, everything is my favorite. Doing the same type of art over and over again would be too much like working in a factory and I definitely do not put out factory artwork.

You’re keeping a video diary of your life basically. What prompted you to do this?
I lost my mother, my best friend, when I was just twenty-seven. The simple reason for my keeping a video diary is for my three children. I want them to have a place where they can go, after I've gone to next realm, and still be able to see and hear me on the days when they really miss me and need a "Mommy" fix. I wish YouTube had been around when my mother was still alive, because even at the age of 54, some days I still need my own "Mommy" fix.

What is the most personal thing you would ever post?
I have pretty much been an open book on YouTube. As to what I might or might not post in the future, that remains a mystery, even to me. 

What do you see in the future of Art and Mixed Media?  For example I see a lot more young motivated artists expressing themselves in ways we’ve never seen before thanks to motivation and technology. What do you see?
I think you're right Steph, art is definitely heading in the direction of the new technologies and it is going to be simply amazing. Exciting stuff you'd never dream of seeing is going to come to fruition. Now, I haven't done any research on this subject, nor have I ever seen it, this is totally off the top of my head at this exact moment. You know how they have been fooling around with the hologram stuff, right? In the future, I see we will come home from a hard day at the office and be able to push a button on a console that will turn our living quarters into 3 dimensional artworks of our choice! You could "decorate" each individual room with a different painting by a famous artist or use one of your own original paintings. Talk about mixed media! The paintings are transformed into living, breathing, moving, holograms. You could create your own world to be anyway you want it, to suit your mood for the day. Each hologram painting would come complete with default sounds and scents that the painting would have if it were real or you can program your own.  Imagine you are walking through a Paul Cezanne painting where everything in the painting comes to life, the native women from Tahiti are walking past you, carrying their baskets. They look real. You can program them to speak to you, program them to say whatever you want! You hear the sounds of the waves. You can smell the fresh fruit in their baskets, the scent of sea salt in the air. Imagine a Frida Kahlo painting, the monkeys are chattering and jumping from tree to tree! I'd choose the Salvador Dali painting "Sleep" (1937) for my bedroom. I'd program the giant head to waiver ever so gently upon it's crutches and make creaking, calming, soothing sounds that would lull me to sleep. Your home could be transformed into whatever artworks you choose. You could have special themes for parties, create your own original artwork for your guests and special events. Halloween would be a real hoot! Think about the ways this technology could change art museums, art shows! Well that's my wild imagination, but I do believe art will take a turn in this direction at some point in the future. I hope I live long enough to see it.  Talk about living in color!

LOL That is definitely Living In Color!
What Inspiration would you like to share with readers?
View the world through the eyes of a child and you will never run out of inspiration.
Celebrate Diversity

Thank you so much Kim.
It's been my pleasure, thank you Steph.  I am honored to be included along side all of the other wonderful artists that you've showcased.
Where can we find out more about you and your Art?


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