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Thursday, August 5, 2010


Hello out there! :-)) What on earth are you up to? I hope it's something fun and colorful! I've finally decided to stop, look, listen and create! So I've been working on all sorts of creative projects and projects for the show. Always looking to make it bigger and better. Thanks to everybody for the wonderful emails, viewings and support. Much Love!

Be sure to share your Colorful Living Photos and/or video on the FaceBook page to be entered into the fun contest. (Don't worry all Spammers and Bad folks will be deleted immediately). This time the prize will be more personalized depending on what the winners do to Live in Color!

And speaking of Living In Color... Check out my Etsy Shop for all of the fun colorful items I've added. I'm having a Fabulous special for the month of August. BUY 2 SETS AND GET 1 FREE! No joke. I'll give you a Free Full Set for every 2 purchased! :-) Cause I'm sweet like that! LOL

Wanna see a sample?... LOL ok here it is!

Almost everything else is on sale too! And all purchases come with free goodies.

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