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Friday, March 26, 2010

The Academy Reward goes to...


One of my favorite things to do is interact with young people that are Artistic, Creative, working on making life better for themselves and those around them more colorful.

Kyle McGuigan is one of those Souls. Kyle is full of what he calls 'BAM'! Brains and Motivation. He also video journals his progress, projects, lessons in life, etc.

When Kyle and I discussed his interview he suggested that a Video Interview may be the way to go. It was! And it was a learning experience for the both of us. So expect to see other Video Interviews thanks to Kyles inspiration :-)

Check out Kyles Interview. Go Kyle!!!


Anonymous said...

thats one cool wall mural!

deborahroberts1 said...

BAM!! Really great interview! Glad you listened to your art teacher Kyle and kept going with your dream to paint. Love your work. Keep going. All the best. ~Deb~

Kathryn Magendie said...

Love that mural -- and smiled when he said "if you think it, you can do it" - YES! love this! so true.....

Jeff P. said...

Wow! can you say 'inspiration'?

academyventure said...

Hey it's Kyle! =)
First I'd like to say thank you Steph for giving me the chance to show people who I am and what I do!

In response to users comments:
anonymous: thanks, I enjoyed painting the mural!
Deb: thank you so much, I'm so happy my art teacher really believed in me, I'm in this til' the end!
Kathryn: thank you, and yes I really do believe if you can think it you can do it.
Jeff P.: Glad to inspire, that is one of my biggest goals in life =)

Discodan82 said...

cool interveiw man, I can really see where you've gotten your strength from after hearing about it all.

I really like the murial as well. You can see you mix your architect creative side with your painting artist side :)

Anonymous said...


Live out your dream,....I also lov your artwork too. I went to school also for layout and designing homes, landscaping...I kinda gotten side track a bit.. but I never forget my first still drawing and design.

Thank you Kyle for sharing your talents here on this blog site.


jewsepy said...

Congrats dude!! You are going places I can see! You got a good buzz going on the internet th9ings are gonna be good for you! I hear you about people in the past saying you can't do that, you can do anything you put your mind too! I hope within the year I will finally be in the DR making my living painting on the beach! Good luck to you in all your goals, keep up the good work!!!

academyventure said...

Hey it's Kyle again, just stopping in to see if anyone else has commented, and to my surprise, there is!!

Thank you wkofart2c, I will live out my dream 100% no matter what!

And jewsepy, thanks so much for the nice words, I'll be working hard at everything I do =)

- Kyle McGuigan


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