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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


One thing that can be said about all Artists is we sometimes live outside ourselves. Comes with the territory. Artist of any media are basically an open book, or in Dino Wells case, an open Journal. Dino has been around the block and his determination and sheer will is impressive and inspirational. 

When I started this interview I had no idea I would be so touched and moved by Dino’s Journey. While he does admit to seeing a lot of struggle, his persistence, patience and strength is what comes through. And anyone that’s had a hard struggle will immediately connect with Dino. It takes a lot to live on the outside. To be an open book, willingly, in part so some can learn and in part so you can heal.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Dino has seen his share of hard life. He took an interest in writing as a very young child and even pursued a career in Boxing at age 19, and won over 100 fights. He started working as a Production Assistant on many films and working on his own film career. Dino is currently working on his screenplay ‘Trying Times’, setting up his own company ‘Crossing Path Entertainment and also spends his time writing and journaling every day of his life. His Journals real and unedited are not for the squeamish. He says what he means and means what he says.

From his regular role in season one of Prison Break to Screenwriting his own works, Dino is constantly on the move with his career and reaching for the stars. 

What was it like the first time you thought "acting" is what I want to do?
It was intense. I wanted to be an actor every since I saw Sidney Poitier in a ‘Raisin in the Sun’, he inspired me to act.

What and who inspires you most?
My children are what makes me grind. I’m trying to get financially well so I can have them in my life and provide for a good life for them. I’m most inspired by what I get from the Universe. If you think bad things, bad things come, If you think good things, good things come.

To date what is the most interesting thing you've done in your acting career?
Work on Prison Break season one, I played Trumpets right hand man.

Aside from 'Prison Break' what are some other pictures you were in?
Mama Floras Family, starring Cicely Tyson, Scream 2 as a bystander in the far background LOL, and Glory Road as a small part as John Anderson LOL 2.9 seconds.

You wrote a play a few years ago. Did you like that experience and is it something you may pursue in the future?
The play I wrote which one the only stage play? Well it was good to the point that it made me want more. To see people perform that was a blessing.

You were also a Semi Pro football player and a boxer on your Journey. What teams did you play for?
Dupage Eagles briefly, Atlanta Colts, Georgia Rage and New Orleans Gladiators.
Is that something you would participate in again? MY old ass, LOL, sure if someone gave me a shot. What about boxing? Yes, get in shape tiptop shape I'll take one anyone right now.

You're very interested in helping troubled youth. How and Why?
I was a troubled youth and know what they are going through. I just want to reach out to youth who want to change and better their lives. I want to help provide positive opportunities and resources to help them to obtain their goals and to uplift them. I also want to help women who are victims of domestic abuse.

What advice/inspiration would you offer to a struggling up and coming Artist?
Let the haters hate, keep driving forward. Do not let any negativity deter you from your goal. Don't procrastinate because it's the adversary to LOVE and an ALLIE to laziness.

I have read a lot of your Journaling. As you know, I'm big on Journaling. What motivates you to write? Life and all my experiences!
What benefits do you get from writing?
I just release and if someone reads and is touched by my walk and constant fight through adversity, then that is rewarding enough for me. I have many unsung accolades.

Screenwriter, Production Assistant, Actor, Survivor, Journalist, Boxer, Sportsman, Dino Wells Jr.

This quote heads Dino’s Blog: I write how I feel, when I feel it. I enjoy the art of pouring my emotions out. My life is, what it is; entertaining, dramatic, sensual and suspenseful. Walk with me David Wells as we cross into Dino the entertainer's life.

We just did Dino, and I’ll be back to see how your Travels through life are going. Journey on! I wish you the best.

You can find out more about Dino and his career at IMDb
you can also find him on Youtube and see his Journal live. Mrdinowell's Channel
Thank you! Life is Good!

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