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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


What do you think of when you think ‘Chocolate’? Sweet, heavenly, Yummy chocolaty goodness! But wait… the calories, the sugar, the guilty pleasure. Well have you heard of BODY BY CHOCOLATES! This company boasts a wide selection of chocolate goodies that are Healthy Chocolate loaded With Antioxidants That Fight Free Radicals, An All-Natural or “Clean Product" and that it’s Diabetic Friendly. Now you know I had to get the low down!

Being Diabetic myself brought me to total curiosity on this one. So I decided to order some and taste for myself. I have to admit, it’s definitely chocolaty! 

I interviewed Jean Kelsey of Body by Chocolates who shares some very interesting information.

Jean, Thank you for giving this interview. I have found that many products that are designed to supplement or replace the things I really love, like chocolate, secretly harbor lots of Carbs and nasty things that provide sugar flavor. What makes this product different?

Body By Chocolates actually is a supplement to help balance your diet.  I think the best way to eat them is to let it melt slowly in your mouth for optimum absorption to the body. Over 90% digestion takes place in the mouth and your saliva produces those enzymes to make that happen. When you let one melt you have a long lasting chocolate taste in your mouth and it really does help make you feel like you have had 'more than one' piece!  Very satisfying!  If you don't have time to eat right, then why not add healthy chocolates to your diet to help balance out what the USDA recommends we eat from the food pyramid.  We should be getting about 3-5K ORAC Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity (aka antioxidants) through fruits and veggies, yet the average person gets 800-1500.  Eating 3 a day helps deliver 10K or more antioxidants to your system.  How healthy are they really? Well, one nugget is equal to 1/2 pound raw spinach or even 3 cups of blueberries but it's chocolate!

How long has this product been available?

The company is about 4 years old and is currently in 13 countries...they are going into Sweden this year! It is exciting to see such a really great product available to many people to help supplement their diets.  What a great way to get healthy all from eating chocolate!

What I found most fascinating and curious is the statement that it Increases your sense of well-being. Now for me, regular chocolate does that, (or at least I feel that way when I’m eating it) but of course with the unhealthy affects. How does Body By Chocolates promote well being?

To give you a little bit of information...most every chocolate on the market today has been processed in some way. That means it has been heated which causes the antioxidant levels and beneficial flavonoids to be taken away. Processed chocolates also have fillers and waxes. Healthy chocolates are made by cold pressing raw cacao and also made with Acai berries and there are no fillers or waxes.  These two top superfoods are blended with high quality dark Belgium chocolate. Here is a bit more info on that subject: Good Chocolate vs Bad Chocolate

What benefits has it provided you?

I have this incredible overall well being feeling going on. I feel fantastic and really thought those days were gone.

Another claim that Body By Chocolates makes is that this chocolate supports Healthy Response to Inflammation. How is this?

There are natural anti-inflammatories within the cacao; flavonoids. There are so many articles available on the web and here is a great place to start

Here are some basic question and answers about healthy chocolates:

What are some of the products in this line of Chocolates?

There is a probiotic chocolate, an Omega chocolate, a dark chocolate square, a chocolate drink, a sipping chocolate, a nugget that looks like a little treasure chest, a power cookie which is not gluten free but is a true diet cookie, a protein bar that is a meal replacement *both the cookie and the protein bar have a chewy chocolate flavor like a brownie and they have just released a healthy energy drink.

Where can one find more info on this product:

By visiting and selecting the FAQ's to see detailed information about the products as well as nutritional information.

What is Cacao and what are some of the health benefits?

Cacao in its raw form is the number one superfood available on the planet today. Cacao ( is a plant based whole food that grows on trees in tropical climates.There is a video on chocolate production on Youtube at Note that when they begin to talk about 'processing' that is where healthy chocolates stop. These are not cooked or heated in anyway so you are getting all the beneficial antioxidants and flavanols.

Are these products available at retailers or only online?

The products are available for purchase online.

Thank you Jean for a very informative and tasty interview! I wish you lots of Yummy Success!
You can find Jean on Twitter at

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Laura @ said...

Great interview. Thanks for doing this so Chocholics such as myself could learn more about this exciting and relatively new product. I'll have to write about Body by Chocolate on my Chocolate-themed blog too. THANKS!!!

Anonymous said...

This article is right on time... for all of us who has a sweetie that we may want to give a great new chocolate treat on sweet hearts day aka V Day. This way they can keep on the new year diet that they may be on and make that special person happy.

Thank you
PS: now I go out and get me a sweetie

Steph Jordan said...

Thanks you guys! I've tasted it and it's actually yummy!


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