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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Living In Color!

'Living in Color' means so many things to me. It starts and ends with being happy about yourself and life in general. It also means celebrating life and all the wonderful things, large and small, that it has to offer. Celebrating you and what you bring to this life, and sometimes whether we realize it or not, we all bring something to the table.

A lady wrote me and talked about her life and told me she felt she didn't offer this world anything in her 60 years. You know I'm not having that! My response: "You said you had a daughter that's a doctor and a son that is a teacher! You worked at XYZ for 30 years. Are you kidding me?! You've given, you not only gave us two caring individuals that give to society in a positive way, but you have also given us your years at that job, which helps this world go round.

In other words, stop dwelling on what you don't or thinking you don't have and start valuing what you have given to the earth. You'll not only feel better about yourself, but also about life in general! Live in Color!

Stay with me as I find lots of wonderful people, places and things that help us all Live In Color! and have a lot of fun.

Life is Good!


KV Creative Designs said...

Amen Sister!

Love the new Blog! Congrats on Livin with Color!!

Happy New Year & Artful Blessings,

Steph Jordan said...

Thank you! and thanks for being the first to bless the new Blog with Color!

Black Dove said...

Colorful Comment: I love you in a psychadelic halo spectral light ray from the Sun type of way, LOL! I'm silly, but I do. Congratulations on the new blog Steph.

(Hubba Hubba at the Devore Fire Chief!)

Steph Jordan said...

Thank you! :-) This is going to be so much fun!!!


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