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Sunday, February 21, 2010

D. Gulley, America's Discount Trendsetter

D. Gulley Trendsetter, Fashionista, Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist, Host of The Discount Trendsetter Show. This busy lady is a bundle of motivation, advice, experience and inspiration for all. Her experience fuels her show and she gives creative and inexpensive instruction and tips for living in style without spending a fortune. She covers everything from meal tips to fashion tips and more.

Hi D, thank you for giving this interview. Is the Trendsetter Show your Dream path in life? What lead you down this path of Creativity and wanting to provide people with valuable Discount information?

Yes, The Discount Trendsetter Show is my dream job and career. When I graduated from college with a degree in Accounting, I actually wanted to be an Actress. I eventually moved to California to pursue this goal. Along my path, I felt God's calling to do something that would motivate, inspire, and encourage individuals to succeed in life. Over time, I created The Discount Trendsetter Show to serve as an outlet to bless people through financial literacy and money-management.

Where did you grow up? What was the Fashion Trend like when you grew up?

I grew up in Arkansas. Let's just say the fashion was very southern. Everything had to match. For example, my mother would wear a red suit, pair it with a red purse, red shoes, red gloves, red panty holes, and red makeup. LOL

My son was very serious about his appearance as even a very young boy. And still carries on that way. (Secret, transferring an Alligator from one shirt, does not a LaCoste make. He knew at 5! LOL)

Were you a creative and/or fashionable child?  In what way?

Yes, I was always a discount fashionista. Since my mother was so colorful with her garments, I always kept my fashion style modern. I would wear a lot of natural colors like: browns, blacks, blues. By the time I was twelve, I was making my own clothes. I also would save my money and buy designer items on sale.

What experience do you have in the area of money management?

As a former accountant, I know the importance of money-management. I am a firm believer that it's not how much money you make but how much money you save that makes you a true Fashionista. I shop for bargains for everything I need in life. Rather it's shoes, clothes or groceries.

You have episodes from Saving Money on Make up to Closet Organization.  There’s even an episode on turning a Pillow Case into a Drawstring Skirt! Where do you get your ideas?

I get my ideas for The Discount Trendsetter Show oftentimes from my own life. The information I share on the show is from experiences I gone through or things I know other people have made mistakes on. Just recently, I watched a reality show and a young lady was being interview for a job with her breast hanging out. This inspired me to do some upcoming episodes entitled, ‘What to Wear on a Job Interview and What Not to Wear on a Job Interview’.

As we know, economic times are really wearing folks down. What are some of your best Money saving Food Tips in these times?

The best advice I would give someone on his or her groceries would be to only purchase what you need. I have been guilty of walking into a store and buying items that I saw just because I could. Now, I make a shopping list. If the items are not on my list, I will not purchase them, period. Sometimes, you have to practice control.

What is being a Personal Shopper about?
As a personal shopper, I get to shop for other people. Sometimes, clients will pay to find gifts for them or pick out a new wardrobe. Each job is different.

Let’s talk Money Saving Fun! What do you do to have a fun yet affordable time?

I like to search the internet for Free movies. I don't have cable because I watch all the shows I like online, especially Project Runway. Lifetime Network posts the full length episodes online every Saturday.

What is your favorite experience as a Trendsetter?

My favorite experience as a Trendsetter is helping other people look and feel good about themselves. At first, I assumed everyone knew how to dress. Now, I know this is a weakness for some people. We all have strengths and weakness. Fashion and coordinating looks is just something that comes natural to me. Now, cooking is a whole another story. LOL

What Inspiration would you offer to people trying to stay Sexy and Savvy in hard times on a budget?

I would tell people to be true to themselves. Oftentimes people go into debt trying to look like the celebrities or other people they know. I don't keep up with trends. I buy and make clothes that are timeless. This means I can wear them for years to come and still look HOT.

You can find out more about D and her show by visiting her website at and you can see her show at


Kathryn Magendie said...

I had to laugh at the description of Southern Outfits - it's so true - I can remember that "matching" - and shoes matching purses and etc. I still won't wear white after labor day -although, I now will sometimes wear white shirts and maybe would stretch that to some winter white pants - but would never ever wear white shoes after Labor day or before Easter - perish the thought!

lovely interview

Steph Jordan said...

LOL thank you. Yeah that white shoe thing really dug into Fashion History LOL


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