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Friday, February 26, 2010

Musically Speaking - Elise 5000

There are some people so dedicated to their dreams and so focused that you know without doubt they will accomplish what they set out to do. This young lady, Elise 5000 is one of those people. According to Elise she was born to do music. She is full of energy and music and definitely heading in the right direction.

Hi Elise. So let’s start with how long have you been singing? 

I've been singing for quite some time now since childhood and participated in the honor choir in elementary school which was audition only as they picked all the best singers for the entire county to compete on state and national levels. I've been a recording artist since I was 16. I had a deal with an indie label. There I learned how to produce music and record in a professional studio setting.

Elise how old are you and where did you grow up?

I'm 22 years old going on 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I grew up in the middle Georgia area in a small military town called Warner Robins GA!

Who were some of your influences growing up?

My influences are Jodeci, Aaliyah, Al B Sure, Michael Jackson, Mary J Blidge, SWV, Timbaland, Missy, The Neptunes, Zapp, Dru Hill, Teddy Riley, Brian Alexander Morgan, Mariah Carey, Beyonce/Destiny's Child and many more.

Was it always your dream to be a Music Star?

Yes! ALWAYS! I cant imagine doing anything else.

 What was it like when you realized this was really happening?

It was amazing! Before I decided to go hard at this music, I was depressed and I couldn't figure out why. It had been months since I had written a song and I was just going to settle for a career in radio which was the easier choice. Well, I broke up with my boyfriend (thank GOD) and finally had time for me. I locked myself in my room with my keyboard and started writing and producing. I felt like I was coming back from depression. I felt alive again. So I traveled to a friend’s studio to re-produce my composition on a Digital Audio Workstation and recorded the record. That was the turning point in my life that pulled me out of depression and taught me about myself. That was the birth of Elise 5000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What inspires you to Sing? 

I have no idea! Well, lots of things inspire me. The movie Avatar inspired me a lot! Listening to other great artists, visiting a new and exciting place, good vibes and energy, happiness, beauty, art, emotions, feelings, moods all inspire me. EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN inspires me! Good books, new thoughts that I may acquire. Anything and Everything. But I think it is GOD touching me. A fragment of the Universal Mind speaking to me and sharing with me pieces of the universe! Each and every song is a gift from God. Once I'm finished making a song (especially a really good one) I say "Thank you God for that gift".

This is one of the headlines I found about you? “Elise 5000 Named Cakewalk’s “Your Music: Anytime, Anyplace” Songwriting Contest Winner!!!” Talk to me about that. Did you amaze yourself by beating out over 4000 other contestants? 

I did amaze myself because I totally didn't expect to win. I just entered something in just to be doing something. I'm glad I did too! ;)

I listened to ‘Star’ and actually danced my way around the laptop and had to come back after the song was over LOL. I got almost a funky disco pop snappy thing going! What would you call your style of music?

I haven’t really thought about what I call it. Hum....Let me make up something now! Um... Well it is really like a funky pop. The "Star" record is meant to be sort of electronic pop, experimental, but with an urban flare! I try not to categorize my music. I hate being in a box!

You also have a song called ‘Everybody Else’ featuring T-Pain. Did you write that song? What was it like collaborating on that?

No I didn't write that record. A very talented songwriter called Secret Da Songwriter wrote my lyrics however I did write my part of the hook: "huh?, Yeah, foreal?, Ok, that's whats up" If you wanna consider that writing! It was fun working on that record I had a blast vocally arranging that one. It’s so me and I was in the moment with that record! Shouts to T-Pain! He's a beast! I can't wait to work with him foreal!!!

What’s in the works for you?

Major mixtape coming up! I’m so excited about it! Album coming soon! More hot singles! More hot music! I just want to make people happy with my music!!

 You do Elise. And I’m sure they’ll be happy about it for a long time. Thank you!

To learn more about Elise and her music be sure to visit her website


Anonymous said...

I went to your website and check out other songs.. thing you have done. WoW..!! this is your calling. just stay true to keep'n it real from the heart.. and the Red carpet at the grammys you will leave your foot prints on.

Thanks Steph for another great interview with true talent.


Steph Jordan said...

Thank you. She is a wonderful young lady!


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