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Saturday, February 6, 2010


As many of us know, if you use a Social Networking site there are many groups, clubs, events, etc. Because I’m usually in ‘work mind’ I tend to steer clear of many groups etc. But occasionally one does catch my eye. Recently I received an invite from a friend to an online event through FaceBook called ‘Tell Her She’s Beautiful’. I followed the link to the page and was intrigued not only by the story on the page but also the number of RSVPs for attending. At that point it was over 500,000. It is now of 768,000. There’s even a song inspired by this event.

If you read the cover page you’ll see this statement “I’m making this event so everyone can tell anyone that they think is beautiful, that they are beautiful. Just tell them. They don’t hear it enough, and they want to hear it. Tell anyone; tell your friend, your mother, your sister, your cousin, your dog for all I care. Let’s show girls that we don’t care about the standards that they set for themselves and that we like them the way they are”.

I of course had to get the true story behind this event. First surprise, the creator is 17 years old. Intelligent, generous heart and a treasure. Check Joshua Amar out. Links to the page and song at end of this story.

Hi Josh, thank you so much for giving me an interview. Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m 17 and live in Canada. I play many instruments, including guitar. I write songs and paint in my spare time. Sometimes I write stories and transform them into scripts for movies that I plan to shoot. I have a YouTube channel, where I only have one video up at the moment, it’s a music video. I am going into film for University.

What gave you the idea to do this?

About a week ago, I was talking to a friend of mine, we weren't particularly close at the time, but exams were coming up, and we were both just chatting. Eventually we started talking about more intimate things about ourselves, until everything was revealed, right down to our insecurities. I’ve dealt with numerous people before with low self esteem or body image issues, but this friend broke my heart. The way that she thought of herself hurt me more than any other person has. I, being the advice guy, tried to persuade her that she was indeed beautiful inside and out. After talking back and forth for a while, she told me nothing I can say can change her mind. So I told her "you know what this means now? It's my mission to prove to you that you are beautiful."

So right now I am currently on that mission still to prove to her that she is beautiful. Anyways, later on that night, I could not sleep. I woke up and the first thought in my mind was, how can I prove to this girl that she truly is beautiful? It didn't make sense to me how someone I truly thought was beautiful would fight my every word and claim them to be lies. And I thought, maybe she was never called beautiful before. Maybe she doesn't hear it often. So I created the event ‘Tell her she's beautiful’ as an ode to this specific girl, and my multiple other friends whom have never believed themselves to be beautiful. I made the event so people could be reminded that there are beautiful people in their lives that don't get told enough, and they need to hear it. Or one day, they may just make you feel terrible and powerless to help too. Of course I’m stubborn and persistent, so I’m still trying to prove it to her :)

Did you plan this event with other people?

No, it was a spur of the moment thing. I stopped all of my studies, and decided to work on the event, because I couldn't get it out of my mind.

What does it require to keep this movement going?

Quite honestly I don’t know. I didn't expect it to get so large or popular. It was a simple gesture, and I never had plans to make it a year round event. the reason being, beautiful is a precious word, people need to hear it once in a while, but when it's overused it loses its meaning and it won’t have the same impact on the girls. I’ll probably start up a group or YouTube channel to keep the movement going on my free time. Otherwise I don't think I will post the event again until next year.

How do beautiful women inspire you?
Well... my friends are my life. All of my female friends are always there for me, and they care for me and watch out for me and talk to me. I'd do anything for them, including risk my life. Each and every one of my close female friends is beautiful and I’d do anything for them. They are my best supporters and inspiration :) to me, they are my family.

Did you have any idea it would get this big?

Nope, I did not expect over 10 000 invites and maybe 1 000 attendees. There is about 700 times more than that now.

Are you moved by the response?

I quite honestly am. I get around 50 friend invites a day, with messages attached, and I personally answer every single one of them. It really makes me happy when I hear I change lives. Some girls are realizing their worth, having faith in the world, and faith in them. I’ve even gotten messages from bulimic women telling me about their struggle. Some guy even wrote a song for the event. I did too of course, but his just sounds better.

What is your favorite part of this whole event?

My favorite part is all the people that I make happy. When someone shares a bit about their lives with me, and tells me how inspired they are, it truly makes me happy.
What words of inspiration do you have to offer to young women?

Don’t ever doubt yourself. Everyone is beautiful; just some people need to look harder than others. There is always one person out there that thinks you are beautiful, and if anything, that’s what truly matters, because that one person would love you no matter what. There is this band I know, called cloud cult, and they wrote a song called chain reaction, and I believe it applies to this event, the lyrics go as followed:
What you feel makes part of what they'll feel
it’s a chain reaction
Put out fear and they'll feel fear
it’s a chain reaction
Put out love and they'll feel love
it’s a chain reaction
If you tell someone their beautiful, they’ll feel beautiful.

Thank you Josh. You are an inspiration and your movement proves your power. Best of everything to you!

You can find 'Tell Her She's Beautiful' on Facebook

Tell Her She's Beautiful Song


Anonymous said...

WoW!! A group giving good vibes

Now this is one group I can say out loud that I am a memeber of. I really like the positive joy that it's bring to young women here on this place we call earth...

Steph..Thank you for sharing this article with us.

Josh ..thank you for the joy, love that you have brought to young women.


Steph Jordan said...

Thank you. I think the spirit and inspiration sparked by Josh's project is just tremendous!!!

Pineapple Elle said...

I remember the first time someone told me I was beautiful. I was around 17 and I can still hear it being said. I don't think I'll ever forget that moment. And that was 10 years ago.

Daisey said...

Wow.. Josh i think you are absolutly beautiful for starting this!! hats off to you..

HeArt Collective said...

Amazing... I love it. What a great heart Josh has... I hope it keeps going and turns into something wonderful for him.

Another fantastic interview, Steph!

Steph Jordan said...

Thank you all. Josh has over a million RSVPs and growing. What a wonderful spirit this young man has!

Anna said...

Hello! What a great site!! This is so perfect for all women, girls and anyone with or without self-esteem or confidence problems. I came from an abusive home so things were hard from the get go. I remember a teacher saying I walked like a model when I was in school but never believed it. I still remembered that. I have had people tell me at different walks of life that I was precious and beautiful...I never forgot. We all have beauty within...there is something special about each and every person there is. Thanks, Josh!!

Anonymous said...

Wow..this is great Josh and I must commend you on this wonderful heartfelt gesture, it will definitely transform the way people view themselves..kuddos and God bless!!


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