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Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Lady is a 10! Michelle Ten!

Fabulous, Fashionista, Motivated, On the Go…Michelle Ten. This beauty is all over the map. Putting her Style Stamp and Fashionable spin everywhere on her Journey. And if you haven’t seen her and her style yet…just wait you will.

Michelle how are you?

Fantabulous and uber-stressed at the same time. Lol.

Where did you grow up?

Long Island. Lived in Coram & Hicksville. Spent a lot of my spare time in the South Bronx, where my family owned their businesses. 

Were you always into Fashion?  

I didn’t like wearing pants as a little girl, I thought pants were for boys. My mom bought me corduroy overalls in turquoise & camel and I cried!!! I used to have custom dresses made and I would show the seamstress pamphlets on Oscar De La Renta dresses for Barbie as a reference. I also cut out my favorite dresses out of magazines and pasted them into photo albums, making my own magazines. I was an Eva Joia Gitano fanatic and wanted a Gucci bag when I was seven.

Yes, to answer your question.

What lessons did you learn as a child that carried into your career?

That one could be anything they wanted, they just had to work hard for it. I knew that my career had to do with something that made me happy, being that I would spend most of my days doing it.

You’ve been in the Fashion business for a few years? How did you get started? 

I dabbled in a few different fashion arenas, including merchandising, advertising and marketing until I landed a job at a magazine in the fashion department. 

You also worked for Source Magazine. What did you do there?

I started out as a Fashion Assistant in the editorial department. Became Fashion Editor a few years after.

Are you an independent Stylist now?

Yes. I have my company, Missfit Styles Inc., which offers various fashion related services such as styling, personal shopping, and image consulting

What do you like most about being a Stylist?

Styling is my way of making garments into art.

Is everyday a fashionable event for you? I mean like do you wake up and think Style, Color, Action?

I do. Even if I’m dressed super casual, there was a thought process behind it.

You are Stylist for many people. Who are a few of the people you style or have styled for?

Mostly men: TI, Kid Cudi, DaddyYankee… I work more with female models for editorial.

What are your favorite style trends?

Crazy bags, high heels, over sized sunglasses. Extra large earrings

Michelle, what do you consider fashion no no’s?

Exposed bra straps, panty lines, muffin tops (when bottoms create bulge because they’re ill fitting)

You also do personal shopping?  That sounds like fun. When you personal shop how do you determine what to get for each client?

Every client is their own individual. I don’t intend to make anyone look like anyone else or anyone they are not. I give people looks that are more of an “evolved sense of self”. Jackie is still Jackie, but improved. 

What are some of the notable differences in dealing with male and female clients when it comes to fashion?

Women require more accessories and have more “aids” at their disposal. Women need bags, jewelry, hosiery etc. as well as bras, g-strings and the occasional spanx.

Most Artists (and True Fashion is an Art) have other Artistic Outlets, what are some of yours?

I love art. I admire it in different forms. I love knowing creative and talented individuals. Love having custom artwork made. Makes me feel special. 

What advice would you give to people who are trying to create a style of their own?

Don’t let any public outlet dictate who you are. Be expressive & embrace your individuality. If you can’t find what you want to wear, have it made. Make it yourself. Always stay ahead of the curve.

Thank you so much Michelle for sharing your fabulous style with us. Journey On!
Make sure you visit Michelle at Her website is full of fashion and color and an enjoyable trip! 


I.AM.CJay said...

Great interview. Luv me some Miss Ten. She's my total NYC moment.

Steph Jordan said...

Thank you. She is definitely a 10!

Kathryn Magendie said...

YES! I love what she said about not letting "outward trends"(orwhatever) dictate who you are and what you want to "show to the world" --- I tend to be ecclectic in my dress, but since moving to the mountains and writing/editing full time, I rarely get out, so when I do -to the theater or a book event or speaking event, I love trying out things. At the theater, I have more fun in my dress, take chances, but at book/speaking events, I'm more conservative....but always with something that says, Kat!

ALso, Steph - I've just finished watching Episode Two - LOVE IT -love the energy and color and fun - I want one of those wraps NOW, and those plates of food at the end *laugh*
It was also so cool to see him paint that right there on the screen! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! gonna tweet this now.


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